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Hello. My name is Alan Foos, retired biologist, BA Botany, MS Soil Science. My son Roy will take responsibility for this account for those who might wish to purchase. He's a great artist in his own right. Please be sure to visit the new gallery, Chiang Mai Floral Festival 2013, for the very best orchid and other flower images that you will ever see. Please spread the word. We aren't experts at SEO, but everyone should see these photos, high quality images, carefully selected. Also, don't miss the award winning lantern bug macro photo in the invertebrates gallery, a real treat. This site is for personal enjoyment, not business, so don't look for bargains, and preferrably do NOT use the shopping cart to buy.

CAUTION: Unfortunately, I have to discourage people from buying anything on FAA, and for their own welfare warn them that member accounts and the shopping cart are monitored by identity thieves. My own bank account was trashed after I made an order on FAA for Christmas. That was the only time the card was used, and not the first solid evidence that hacking for identity theft is common on this website which doesn't use the secure https protocol, so I'll never use another bank card. If perchance you'd like to buy something but are deterred by the price or the security of your bank account, just send a message to that effect, and we'll make it good for you. No scammers/spammers, though, I'm on to you. Contact using "Personal Message" under my photo. Thank you! :)



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